Pro AD Seminars

Craig Huston

1. A lectern, either free-standing or tabletop. It does not need its own light.


2. A table, or two. If the above lectern is free-standing, then one table will suffice. If the lectern is tabletop, then two tables are needed. Used for displaying Craig's scheduling board and other production materials. Standard folding-leg catering tables (or similar) work fine.


3.  A black- or white-board with chalk or erasable markers, as appropriate, plus erasers.  If necessary, this can be a large portable wheeled board.


4.  A standard bar-height stool of wood or metal, with or without padding and/or back support, or a tall director's chair.


5.  Access to a copy machine the day before the seminar. Craig gives a packet to each attendee containing the day's schedule, multiple blank production forms for use as templates, website information for the creative guilds and recommended books for filmmakers.


If no classroom is available, then a conference-type room is acceptable provided it is equipped with the basic furnishings listed above, and provided that all attendees have access to a flat writing surface for note-taking.  Chairs around the wall are not desirable.


No voice-amplification equipment is required.  No computer hook-up.  No laser pointer.  Though complex in its scope, this is basic instruction dependent upon the personality and communication skills of the presenter.  To date, no one has been disappointed.


Personal computers, cell phones, iPods and all other electronic devices must be turned off and put away for the duration of the seminar, except during breaks.  Students planning to attend should be warned of this requirement in advance to ensure that they come equipped with paper and writing implements for taking notes during the seminar.


No audio or video recording of the seminar is permitted, other than a few minutes (not more than five) of "B-roll" for use in university promotional materials.  Still photography without flash is permitted throughout.  Permission to use Craig's voice and image in these approved formats is freely given.


With Director Daniel Petrie


With Bo Hopkins &

Jack Starrett

“A Small Town in Texas”

A classroom or lecture hall is preferable to a conference-type room or studio.  Required furnishings include:

Ready to cue the action

“The Big Brawl”