Pro AD Seminars

Craig Huston


Directing extras

“Split Image”

Safety briefing w/skydivers

“Drop Zone”

Watching the monitor w/ Super Dave Osborne

“Extreme Adventures of Super Dave”

Watching the action w/ Gene Hackman (Thailand)

“Uncommon Valor”

With James Earl Jones

“A Family Thing”

Radiocon while prepping chopper shot (Malaysia)


"Craig Huston's seminar is packed with practical, straightforward information and the kind of wisdom that only a seasoned Hollywood veteran can impart, benefitting both students and faculty with the AD's uniquely holistic view of professional production.  Those with unrealistic notions of how things work in the movie industry may find it sobering, but the more dedicated will be energized.  Serious students in our film and TV program became much more serious before my eyes."


           Josh Robbins

           Assistant Professor of Media Arts, Marist College

"You will be amazed at the wealth of information included in the seminar; all of it vital to anyone who wants to be an AD, Director or Producer.  Craig Huston's presentation is funny, fascinating and never boring.  If you plan to be in the film business, this is a MUST."


           Roger Young

           Emmy-winning Director / Endowed Chair, Ball State University

"The seminar was one of the best few hours I've spent this year.  I've always been confused as to what exactly an AD does and how a set is properly run; this seminar made it much, much clearer.  As an aspiring director, I now understand what I should expect of the AD and, more importantly, what the AD should expect of me.  This seminar is a must for anybody who is considering working on a film or television set."


           Dan Finnen

           Senior film student, BSU Dept. of Telecommunications

"Craig Huston delivered an outstanding program that students just can't get in the classroom or on their student film sets.  His seminar is valuable not only for aspiring Assistant Directors but also for Directors and, actually, anyone who wants to better understand how a film set should ideally be run.  We were pleased to be able to offer professional AD training to University of Arizona media arts students."


           Victoria Westover, Program Director

           Hanson Film Institute, University of Arizona

"Fresh from the real film world, Craig Huston tells it to you straight.  Without Huston's presence at the University, I would not have developed my intention to become a career First Assistant Director.  More than just an adviser, he mentors film students regardless of their desired career path, sits through and comments upon hours of student films, and welcomes any students to contact him freely." 


           Kendall Anlian

           Senior BFA student, School of Theatre, Film and Television , University of Arizona

"Craig channels his impressive array of industry experience into the classroom with remarkable ease.  Our students always take inspiration from the insight he shares with them, as well as from his direct, honest approach."


           Lisanne Skyler

           Writer / Director / Assistant Professor, UA School of Theatre, Film and Television

"Speaking as a director who has worked with a number of ADs and also taught, I can confidently say that Craig Huston is clearly at the top of the game in both areas.  Our students learned all that an AD does: how to prep a show, how a set should be run and how to run it, how to approach the problem-solving that will inevitably occur on any shoot, what the standard is for a professional production, plus much more.  His "war stories" always made or reinforced a point and were never self-serving.  I marveled at how our students stayed attentive and enthusiastic for eight hours as Craig took what could have been a dry subject and made it both informative and entertaining."


           Jack Sholder, Program Director

           School of Stage & Screen, Western Carolina University

On-screen with Richard Crenna & Brian Dennehy

“First Blood”

"Craig Huston gave a powerful presentation as chock-full of informative and inspiring detail as an educator could wish for.  He continued after the seminar for over an hour, discussing informally with motivated students their concerns regarding career and other issues industry-wide.  Weeks after Craig’s visit, the students were still talking about what they learned; now they all want to apply for the DGA Assistant Director Training Program!  Bringing Craig to our school was easily one of the best services we have ever provided to our students, and we will happily do it again in the future."


           Christopher Llewellyn Reed

           Chair, Dept. of Film & Video, Stevenson University

"Industry veteran Craig Huston’s day-long Pro AD Seminar is well organized, effectively paced and delivered with a focus and passion that makes it a hit with both undergraduate and graduate film students.  Craig is exceptionally articulate and open to questions; the program he has put together is savvy and inspirational.  Any university film program will benefit from the opportunity to expose its students to this wonderful journey through the frequently overlooked world of the Assistant Director."


           Dr. Paul Monaco

           Professor of Cinema/Video, Montana State University

"Craig Huston is a superb teacher who knows all there is to know about his subject. He believes in teaching students how to make films, not “student films.” He is attentive to their questions and gives thoughtful, useful answers. He covers so much ground; the eight hours fly by. When the seminar was over, my students were well prepared to begin filmmaking on a much more professional level. They were thrilled by what they were learning and I was so, so pleased that Craig had come to town. What he taught will have a lasting impact."


           William M. Akers

           Chair, Motion Pictures, Belmont University