Pro AD Seminars

Craig Huston


Discussing the shot w/ Director Roger Young

"Murder in Mississippi"

Setting the shot w/

Director Ted Kotcheff

"First Blood"

Surviving a bitter cold shoot

"Winter People"

Conferring w/ producers in the Borneo jungle


In Luxembourg w/ Director Larry Elikann

"One Against the Wind"

With Ellen Burstyn


Setting a POV shot of the Porsche

"Mr. Destiny”

Checking on the background actors

"One Against the Wind"

In Russia, prepping a crane shot with

Helena Bonham Carter & Frank Whaley

"Fatal Deception"

Directing Union cavalry soldiers

"For Love & Glory"

Setting a crane shot for bus drive-by in

the Philippines

"Kiss the Sky”

Checking script with actor Dan Hedaya

"Extreme Adventures of Super Dave"

In Puerto Rico, prepping the street for

camera-car towing shot

"For Love or Country"

In Manila, planning the shot with

Director Roger Young

"Kiss the Sky"

A word about photos:  In the early years of Craig's career, nearly every movie and TV crew included a stills photographer whose job it was to shoot the stars at work for publicity use by the studio.  Frequently, the stills person would also shoot crew members doing their jobs and would give each of them a photo or two as a memento on the final day of filming. 


As the years progressed, however, these stills photographers were increasingly eliminated due to cost-cutting measures.  Once they were gone, the only photos a person might receive would be candid shots taken by a guest or another crew member.  These became few and far between.


Despite having worked in recent years with stars such as Ben Affleck, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Seth Rogen, Andy Garcia, Kirsten Dunst, John C. Reilly, Diane Lane, Michael Caine, Tommy Lee Jones and many others, Craig unfortunately has no pictorial mementos from those more recent films. 


Enjoy the early-days pix, but don't assume from them that Craig's career ended in the eighties, please.