Pro AD Seminars

Craig Huston

It is offered in the volunteer spirit of paying forward to the next generation of filmmakers the debt that he cannot pay back to filmmakers who helped him throughout his career.


Craig requires only that you pay his travel expenses to your university, including:

Round-trip economy air transportation from Tucson, AZ;

Accommodation at a mid-range hotel, preferably within walking distance of campus;

Ground transportation: rental car, reimbursed taxi fares or faculty/student pick-up;

A modest per diem for meals commensurate with expense levels in your city (e.g., New York, NY, will be higher than Bozeman, MT).


Travel to your city must be no later than the day before the seminar, with return travel no earlier than the day after.   No travel in either direction on "the day of."


Travel can be booked and pre-paid by your university travel department, or Craig can handle travel arrangements and submit paid receipts to the university for reimbursement after travel has been completed, subject to your firm commitment to honor those receipts.  If Craig makes the bookings, all tentative fares and rates will be submitted to you for pre-approval before he commits to purchase.


Although Craig delivers his seminar to your university as a free, non-profit service, neither Craig Huston nor Pro AD Seminars is registered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity under US tax laws.


With Director Stanley Kramer

“The Domino Principle”

With Director Lamont Johnson & DP Bill Butler


Craig Huston charges no fee for the Pro AD Seminar.